The DavkaWriter Program uses it's own fonts for Hebrew. This causes problems in RTF translations. Wp2Rtf gets around this by giving you an option in the Choose Font Dialog to choose DavkaWriter fonts. You should keep in mind the following while converting documents for DavkaWriter.

1. You should choose the options Reverse Parenthesis and Reverse Tab Alignment in the Main Dialog.

2. When you get the Choose Font Dialog, make sure you choose Show Davka Compatible fonts option. Note: Not all Davka fonts convert correctly. If you find that your font did not convert correctly, you should Delete the Font Map, and reconvert your documents, using different fonts. If you want a particular font, you might get around this by choosing that font as the Default font in DavkaWriter before importing your document.

3. DavkaWriter does not import correctly the Page size and Margins. Therefore your justification, right aligned text, tables, and others might not appear correctly. To fix this you should change the Page setup in DavkaWriter, after importing the document, to what the margins used to be in WordPerfect (usually 1 inch top, bottom, right, and left). Also you should check the Page size.

4. Many versions of DavkaWriter do not support table imports. To recreate simple tables in DavkaWriter, select the table text, and choose Convert to Table from the Insert menu. DavkaWriter Premium does import tables, but it has problems with vertically merged cells.

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