The Main Dialog

This is the main dialog of Wp2Rtf. The following is the explanation of all its commands.

File Name(s)     It is here that you enter the name of the WordPerfect files that you want to convert. You can browse for the files by clicking on the Browse button. You can choose multiple files either by using wildcards, or while browsing by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting the files. You can hold down the Shift key to select a range of files, or press Ctrl - A, to select all the files.

Output Folder     It is here that you select the folder in which Wp2Rtf will create your new files. The default is your My Documents folder. You can change that by clicking on the Change Folder button. Your new files will have the same name as the originals, just with an added extension of .rtf (i.e., MyDocument.doc.rtf). If there is present a  file in the selected folder with the same name, Wp2Rtf will attempt to rename the old file with an added extension.

Convert to Microsoft Word    This option causes Wp2Rtf to convert your documents directly to the Microsoft Word format. Your new documents will have the '.doc' extension. This option is available only if you must have Microsoft Word 2000 or above installed on your system. Note: Conversion time will be much slower with this option selected.

Reverse Right to Left Parenthesis    This option causes Wp2Rtf to reverse the direction of parenthesis, brackets, curly brackets, and greater than or less than signs, while in the Right to Left direction. This is necessary because in WordPerfect a left bracket is used as a right bracket while in the Right to Left direction. Usually you will use this option, and it is selected by default.

Reverse Right to Left Tab alignment     By default, Wp2Rtf converts a WordPerfect Flush Right command to a Right Aligned Tab. With some Word Processors, while in the Right to Left direction, you rather use a left aligned tab. Select this option to do that. It is suggested to first try converting without this option selected, and if the flush right text does not appear correctly, reconvert using this option. Please note that the Flush Right text might not appear correctly because of the margins not converting correctly, so first check if the margins are the same as in WordPerfect (usually one inch from all side), and if not correct it.

Convert as Right to Left Document     Selecting this option causes Wp2Rtf to add code in the beginning of the document marking it as a Right to Left document. This causes proper gutter placement and other benefits. Note: This option should only be used if the document starts as a Right to Left document, otherwise you might get unpredictable results.

After selecting your files, and choosing all your options, click on Convert to continue. You can always press F1 for help.

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