Wp2Rtf Help Topics


Wp2Rtf was created to convert WordPerfect 5.X documents to the Windows Rich Text Format (RTF). It converts standard ASCII characters (WP Character set 0), Multinational characters (WP Character set 1), Hebrew characters (WP Character set 9), and Standard Arabic characters (WP Character set 13). Other character sets might be added in the future.

Wp2Rtf now can convert directly to the Microsoft Word format. You must have Microsoft Word 2000 or above installed on your system for this option to be available. 

Wp2Rtf converts most document formatting like font type, font size, font attributes, alignments and many other attributes. It also converts text tables.

Wp2Rtf can now also be run from the command line. This is useful if you want to run it from a batch file. For instructions type wp2rtf -? from the command line.

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