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An advanced SpeedDial for your Palm Treo.
A Hebrew Calendar for your Palm.
Hebrew Support for your Palm.
A free Document Reader for your Palm.
Keep track of your Mavir Sedra on your Palm.
Converts WordPerfect 5.x files to RTF/ Microsoft Word.
Convert documents for the Palm.
The quickest solver for Anagrams and the Boggle© Game Board!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for Smartlist FAQs

1) How do I register my shareware program on the Palm (SpeedDial, HebDate Palm, Mavir Sedra, Wp2Rtf, LionHeb)?
For Wp2Rtf, Online registration is done through the ShareIt Company. You will first have to install the software and tap on the registration menu to get your User Name. You will need this in order to register. After registering you will be given a product key which you should enter in the registration box. Please read the file "License.rtf" which is included with the program before registering! You can see a copy of it by clicking Here.
For all other programs, you may send us a ticket by going to our Help Desk .

1) How can I download smart list to my computer since I do not have a Smartphone?
You cannot. You can use our website version.
2) Do you have an app for the Windows 8 phone?
Sorry. Windows 8 phones are not supported.
3) Can you explain why this app should have to access all my contacts, all my files, and device identifying info?
HebDate gives you the ability to create calendar events (schedule), invite your friends, and email them invitaions. Therefore, any application that has permission to add a calendar event, Google will in turn also warn the user, that it can also cause emails to be sent out to guests from the calendar owner's account. The application in itself has no access to your email account. HebDate also allows you to backup its settings to your SD Card, so it has permission to write to files. Please note, some of this functionality may not be available on the Blackberry version.
4) How come the iPhone doesn't have the Caller ID feature like the Android?
Due to Apple's restrictions the Caller ID feature doesn't work on the iphone.
5) Smartlist on the Android phone is crashing unexpectedly.
The best thing to do is to update the application to latest version. If you cannot, then delete the databases, and install them again.
6) When are you doing a Smarlist update for the Palm?
We extended the expiration so that it should continue working, but we will not develop it anymore.
7) How can i get the smart list via email?
Send a blank email to and follow instructions.
8) I don't see the download link in the Smartlist App for one of the locations that you have?
There isn't enough room on the screen to fit all the databases, so you need to scroll down (drag the screen up) to view them.

Do you still have a question? Open a support ticket here.